Michelle and I met about 12years ago when our children started primary school together.. Its hard to believe that time goes so fast but so glad that we have kept in touch..

Michelle you are exactly the reason I do what I do.. what an absolute priviledge to celebrate this milestone with you (welcome to the 50’s) and honour your hard work, determination and love for yourself and your family… happy birthday… you own those jeans baby..

Man alive, where do I start? In August this year I will be 50! There is a massive part of me completely in denial, as from the inside
I still feel 18! 

I’ve been blessed with an interesting life so far, I say interesting as a friend of mine once said ‘there
are no bad days, just character building ones’. Hence my life is full of character building, which I have
totally embraced.
Hubby, Nick and I have battled some pretty big things in our lives. 

Him addiction, with us spending
time apart, having an 11 week prem baby who has now had two open heart surgeries and losing
loads of loved ones along the way, far too early in their lives.
The hard times taught me to be grateful every day for what we have and to never ever take for
granted the life we have been blessed with. 

2 ½ years ago I lost my Mum and best friend. We did everything together, even lived together in her
last 5 ½ years until she was taken from us with bowel cancer.
We moved house, I threw myself into renovations, but by the second year depression hit. I was living
on autopilot.
I was caring for our family, Nick and 3 gorgeous children now 16, 14 and 12, and working to keep

Along came a friend who introduced me to nutritional cleansing – so that meant actually taking
responsibility for ME!
13kgs down, no depression or anxiety – I know feel that I am back in control and living the life I
Incredibly happy, healthy and, for once, not afraid to step in front of the mirror and see the person
who has been thrown life challenges but is still standing.  

Blessed, beyond words, for what Shar has done for me. She is such an incredibly beautiful soul with
the biggest of hearts. I finally have pic of me I can be proud of.  

Life is short – go give it everything you’ve got!


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