Michelle and I met about 12years ago when our children started primary school together.. Its hard to believe that time goes so fast but so glad that we have kept in touch..

Michelle you are exactly the reason I do what I do.. what an absolute priviledge to celebrate this milestone with you (welcome to the 50’s) and honour your hard work, determination and love for yourself and your family… happy birthday… you own those jeans baby..

Man alive, where do I start? In August this year I will be 50! There is a massive part of me completely in denial, as from the inside
I still feel 18! 

I’ve been blessed with an interesting life so far, I say interesting as a friend of mine once said ‘there
are no bad days, just character building ones’. Hence my life is full of character building, which I have
totally embraced.
Hubby, Nick and I have battled some pretty big things in our lives. 

Him addiction, with us spending
time apart, having an 11 week prem baby who has now had two open heart surgeries and losing
loads of loved ones along the way, far too early in their lives.
The hard times taught me to be grateful every day for what we have and to never ever take for
granted the life we have been blessed with. 

2 ½ years ago I lost my Mum and best friend. We did everything together, even lived together in her
last 5 ½ years until she was taken from us with bowel cancer.
We moved house, I threw myself into renovations, but by the second year depression hit. I was living
on autopilot.
I was caring for our family, Nick and 3 gorgeous children now 16, 14 and 12, and working to keep

Along came a friend who introduced me to nutritional cleansing – so that meant actually taking
responsibility for ME!
13kgs down, no depression or anxiety – I know feel that I am back in control and living the life I
Incredibly happy, healthy and, for once, not afraid to step in front of the mirror and see the person
who has been thrown life challenges but is still standing.  

Blessed, beyond words, for what Shar has done for me. She is such an incredibly beautiful soul with
the biggest of hearts. I finally have pic of me I can be proud of.  

Life is short – go give it everything you’ve got!



Sharon is one of lifes gems.. she is my lovely friend Jarrod’s Mum and this is how he described her when he posted on my Mothers Day promotion:

 “My Mum is quite possibly the greatest home hostess for any reason, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, a welcome home/leaving get together, a Shanna (Sharon+Nana=Shana) to her many devoted de-facto grand-kids and also to her Grand-dog, Max. I’d love to see her getting all glammed up and a pro shoot for all she does for the bigger picture of what ‘Family’ means :)  Love ya Ma xoxo

Sharon has also shared her thought on life for us too and she loves wearing jeans.. and check out that nail polish…!

I was lucky enough to win a photo Session with Shar, thanks to my son Jarrod entering me into the Mother Day Draw. I had the best time ever,the photo session was confidence building and empowering and so much fun. I did ask Shar if she could make a silk purse out of a sours ear though!!I recommend having your hair and make-up done you feel and look amazing. Some stunning photos made this 63 year old a happy chappy!! Loved the Jeans shoot and the glammed up look in my black lace dress with some very spunky earrings. Thank you Shar for making me feel beautiful. 

 “Wisdom and Highlights at 50+..Well here’s the thing…Po Body is Nerfect!!  Enjoy your weirdness cos I do!!  Be yourself because that is so important.I love it when my family think i’m weird….Family and great meals are the best….Love is the Best thing in the world….



What a treat to photograph Kate.. we worked together, flatted together and now we have come together to collaborate on Kate’s new business venture.  Like many of us in our 50’s it is not a time to retreat.. it is a time to reflect, grow and go for it (and she said I would never get her to wear something sparkly..!!   Here are Kate’s words..

Shar and I met in the 90’s when we worked
together organising weddings for Japanese Honeymooners….a long time ago now but
the memories are strong and we did have some very good belly aching laughs
along the way!  It has been lovely to
reconnect again with Shar and catch up on what is nearly 30 years – she has a
great talent with the camera and makes you feel relaxed during the process
while she works her magic.

Entering my 50’s was less daunting for me
that my 30’s.  I turn 55 this year and am
learning the wisdom of the phrase how old you are is just a number – important
only for verification and legal documents. (and also lovely birthday presents!)
The rest is what you do with your time here on planet earth – we cannot choose
our number but we can choose
what we do with it.  At 30 I was conflicted about what I wanted in
life, career versus family, where I wanted to live, all the adult decisions I
had been putting off could no longer be avoided it seemed.  At 33 I gave birth to Caroline and then just
before I turned 35 Emily was born. 
Definitely the two best decisions I have made and I am grateful every day
for having daughters who are a big part of my life.  I feel so happy watching them grow into
thoroughly decent human beings.  My 40’s
were spent being a busy and loving parent – it feels like a whirlwind decade
really.  Entering my 50’s felt like my life
was in the middle of everyone else around me.  
Still dependent teenagers and also now dependent parents, load up on top
of that the misery of the Christchurch earthquakes and ensuing house drama, years
of hormonal discomfort from menopause it is little wonder that women get to
this age feeling a bit wrung out and strung out.  We rely on our friends and family for support
but sometimes we are too busy caring for others that we forget to care for

Last year I retrained as an executive coach
– through that work I have structured conversations with mainly young
professionals coping with the demands of keeping their professional careers and
their home life on track.  I’m not a big
believer of the term “life balance” Sometimes life is in perfect balance but
those times are rare – when we know our values and strengths then it is easier
to work through our options and live our best life.  There will always be challenges at any life
stage but when we have the right support and attitude we can all find a place
of contentment and high performance.  

I’m getting better at the self care too.
Yoga has taught me so much!! The physical strength gained is secondary – the
real medicine is in self acceptance and awareness, learning to leave the day at
the door and just focus on being in the moment. Accepting that every day is
different and you just do what you can on that day. I wish I had started my
yoga practice years ago but as with most things in life
it is never too late and the universe usually gives up what you need at the

I’m excited to see where I go from here and
I feel grateful every day for my fabulous friends and a family who loves me. At
the end of the day that is all we really need.  :) 


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