I met Robert and Chris about 30 years ago.. right at the very beginning of my photography career.  I was working in a Kodak Minilab and I used to process Robert’s photographs.  At that time, he was very unwell and I never thought that after all this time I would have the opportunity to photograph them both.   What I remember most about Chris was her smile and her laugh and although she has changed in many ways.. her cheeky smile and infectious laugh have not changed at all.  I love how being 50+ and fabulous she still rocks her jeans.. here are her words on embracing change and a long and happy marriage.


I am Chris
and I have been married to Robert for 38 years. We have been through some tough
times over the years as he has had cancer twice and heart surgery sixteen years
ago. We often joke that we have stayed together so long because I travel with
work which gives us some time apart. Absence makes the heart grow fonder or at
least, less annoyed with the other person.

Robert gave
Shar my name to go in for a chance to win a photo session. I found the photo
session was empowering and reassuring that while I have changed I can still be

I really recommend having your hair and make-up done and trying out
new and favourite clothes while lovely photos are taken.  A perfect way to
forget the awful event that happened in Christchurch on 15 March 2019. 

Many years
ago I did some modelling and enjoyed having photos taken. Twenty years later
and my body, face and hair has changed and I am now (like many older ladies)
uncertain about how I look. 

I had not worn make up for more than 10 years and I
have moved to the comfortable but not so fitting clothes after putting on 20kg
since the earthquakes in 2011.

In the last couple of weeks since I had the photos taken
I have bought some new skin care, eyeshadow, lipstick and some stuff for my

During the
week I wear the usual corporate wardrobe of black pants and colourful top. I
love my jeans for comfortable evening and weekend wear. While they do not look
as nice as some of my other clothes. It does not matter as they survive the fur
and claws of my six cats and the cuddles I receive from friends dogs every


Kirsten is one of those wonderful people who you just click with.  Her dedication and determination is inspirational, her soul genuine and man, does she rock her jeans!  She has shared her thoughts on life and how important  acceptance, self love and being true to yourself really is.

From a young age, it was ingrained in me how my life should be. Not just from family but how the world portrays the ‘normal’ life of a female. Education, job, marriage, kids, grand kids….you get the picture.

But sometimes life has other plans. We just have to learn how to accept those plans.

I got the education, the job. But that’s where it stops. I did go as far as getting engaged but that wasn’t meant to go any further. And I’m ok with that. It’s about learning to be ok with your life. And learning how to love the life you have.That’s taken me a while. 

For many years I was very overweight and felt like I didn’t belong. But I have amazing family and friends who showed me it really is what’s on the inside that matters.

In 2017 I had gastric bypass surgery and since then I’ve never looked back. It’s not just about looking better, it’s about giving myself a shot at a longer, more active, healthier life. And I’m so glad I did! 

I love my life, despite how others think I should be. I love my independence & I love the person I’ve become.



Vivicious, fun, super talented, authentic, genuine and one of the styliest women I know.  Lisa turns up at our shoot in gold painted jeans, beaded embroidered singlet top and fur shrug (something she just grabbed on the way out the door) my day just exploded.. An amazing makeup artist, hairstylist, mom, wife and friend.. Lisa leaves a sparkle where-ever she goes.. literally - my studio is twinkling with sequins.  Here is her take on being 50+ and being part of my “Make It Possible Campaign”.

I never thought I would get to 50 ( plus) as I always feel 18 on the inside . So to me age is just a number …

I do feel I am in the best part of my life tho.. 

My 50s have been my metamorphosis  from motherhood to menopause to marathons. 

It’s been like taming the beast within. 

I have always run my own business so I am lucky I create my own daily work environment. The upside is I have the freedom to do what I want within that . The downside is I am accountable to no one … but myself. 

I have gathered some meaningful tools along the way to keep me and my thoughts fresh and honest . 

I practice being kind to myself and others. When sometimes I don’t feel like it

A daily morning meditation before I reach for my phone
Yoga to stretch my body. 

Bubbles for a treat although sometimes too many and gratitude.  Gratitude has saved my marriage my relationships and myself.

Thank you Shar for photographing me, I think everyone needs an afternoon with Shar in her lovely studio and  a good portrait of themselves.

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