Sue and I have been friends for years and other day I bumped into her as she was getting out of her beloved car. Nothing better than having a good old chat on the side of the road.   Sue was looking for an address for a  place that takes donations for immigrant women as she had items from her home and friends to give.  This one of the many things I love about her.. her genuine care for the well being of others.  Sue has penned a post for ” Make It Possible” and why she rocks jeans at 70… enjoy.. she’s a hoot.

I had never thought about there being an age where I shouldn’t be wearing jeans anymore. I still don’t.

I am of an age where I live everyday fully, as much as I can, try not to sweat the small stuff and be grateful for everything I have.

My youngest daughter gave me a Gratitude Journal for my 50th birthday with instructions that I would write 10 things everyday that I am grateful for.
I thought 10 things everyday was excessive but she replied that even little things such as that chips come in packets and chocolates come in boxes we should be grateful for !!  So I started…I don’t write every day in fact there have been years in between entries but it is great to look back at and to add to.

Today’s 10 to be grateful for: 

1. That I am happy and healthy. 

2. That I have Pete, partner of 28 years, who loves me warts and all and who I love with his warts too. 

3. That we have 5 daughters, 11 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren all healthy and happy, plus 2 precious sisters and a brother. 

4. That after 8 years of struggles with EQC and Insurance we have a beautiful new home.

5. That I have Charlie, the 18 year old Jack Russell and Jet, the French Bulldog that I love and in turn give me love (and make me walk regularly.) 

6. That I have a job that I love, selling Real Estate. I am grateful that I can help people move on with their lives and it enables me to have a good work/life balance. 

7. That for the last 28 years I have travelled annually with my friend Gail, of The Active Gourmet Travel to Europe as her driver on tours in Provence, the Loire Valley, Italy and Sicily. 

8. That I love my car, even though it’s old and not really economical to run but it starts everyday and gets me where I need to be. I am not ready for a shopping basket car!!

9. That I have some wonderful friends. Some that I might not see for ages but will always be there for me and I for them. 

10. That as a child my father, wonderful man, told me that “ no matter what happens to you Sue, you will always come up smelling like roses” and I do. I am grateful for his legacy.

That’s me, Sue xx


Carol is 75.  She is bright, has a zest for life and loves wearing her jeans.. she says she will be wearing them forever!  I love this image of her, so confident and her smile lights up her face,  just the same  when she saw the images of her husband Lyn.  They have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and Carol has shared some of her thoughts about life and marriage..

 Shar, thank you for everything.  The photos by far exceeded our
You asked me for a few words to say what it means to me to be still
wearing jeans at 75.   I’m not sure what you want me to say, but
here goes:-

There have certainly been a few negatives in reaching this milestone,
but more positives – like:-

Finally “growing into” my white hair, which has been this way since
age 35

Being able to have hips replaced and cataracts removed – absolutely
life changing!

but most of all
Being married to my wonderful husband (and best friend) for 50 years
– my supportive extended family and wide circle of friends

I have so much to be grateful for including  still
having “the legs” to wear jeans regardless of my age

Marriage: There are many ingredients to a long and happy marriage. According to my husband “Being deaf helps.” If I had to pick just one, I would say having a good sense of humour - the ability to laugh at each other (and yourself) without causing hurt, goes a long way. It’s hard to stay angry about anything if you are laughing.


One of my dearest friends and one I have been waiting a long time to photograph.  I am so glad that I can share with you her pearls of wisdom that I have been lucky enough to recieve for more than 25years.. Her images totally reflect her personality so warning:         colour alert.  I am proud that she has been part of my “Make It Possible” campaign.. and yes I did get her into a pair of jeans..

Turning 70

Cant quite work out where all those years escaped to!? I can only give thanks for a full and very wonderful life.

Life is to be celebrated treating each day with gratitude.

Laughter is the best healer – positive people a joy – beautiful nature to uplift you.

I have earned every wrinkle and I am not about to try to change the ageing process.

Just grow older disgracefully and never embrace beige !!!

Every time I wear  a startling colour I remember the words – better to be looked over than overlooked !!!!

I have friends in their 80’s and 90’s who are truly inspirational and embrace their age with such fun.

As you age one realises that stuff is not important – it is love and kindness that makes the world a better place.

I will check in again at 80 !!!!

Best Love xxx Ali

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